〜( ̄△ ̄〜) It’s time for my 6th BIGBANG Giveaway!!!! (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

The giveaway starts today, July 1st, 2012 at 11:00AM, Pacific (US) and ends Saturday, July 28th at 8AM, Pacific (US). 

Complete Giveaway rules can be found here: Giveaway Rules

Complete information on the items included can be found here: Giveaway Items


There will be ONE WINNER selected to receive ALL of the items. I am happy to ship Worldwide! (^ω^)

To participate in my Giveaway, you must reblog this post. (Please reblog the post ONLY ONE TIME.)  You are free to like the post in addition to reblogging it. (This will give you another entry into the Giveaway.) If you have a second blog you can reblog it there too, but that blog cannot be a Giveaway / spam blog. The idea of reblogging it is to get the word out so more ppl can participate. You don’t have to follow me and you don’t have to reblog the post from me. Please honor these rules or you will be disqualified from the giveaway.

All of the items in this Giveaway are BRAND NEW! ^-^


  1. BIGBANG is Great, Brick Box CD - Taiwanese only LE Release 
  2. BIGBANG is Great, CD + DVD - Taiwanese only LE Release 
  3. Alive Japanese 2012 Tour Keychain
  4. Alive Japanese 2012 Hair Accessory - Blue 
  5. Crown headband
  6. T.O.P Move 2 FUBU Postcard Set - 5 Postcards
  7. ♥ BIGBANG Shoelaces - 1 Pair
  8. Official Version 3 Lightstick
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